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Advantages Of Water Well Drilling Rig

The water well drilling rig is a complex machine composed of machines, units and mechanisms. Water well drilling rigs are mechanical equipment that drives drilling tools to drill underground to obtain physical and geological data during the exploration or development of mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid ore, gas ore, etc.). ). Also called drilling machine. The main function of the water well drilling rig is to drive the drilling tool to break the rock at the bottom of the hole, and to lower or lift the drilling tool in the hole. It can be used for cores, ore cores, cuttings, gas samples, liquid samples, etc. , To find out the underground geology and minerals, etc.

Water well drilling rig platform has a wide range of applications

Water well drilling rigs are widely used in the exploration and development projects of hydrological water wells, coalbed methane, shallow shale gas, geothermal and other resources, and can also be used for coal mine gas drainage, emergency rescue and other occasions.

Technical advantages of water well drilling rig platform

High construction efficiency: Full hydraulic top drive, which meets the requirements of L-shaped well construction, and high drilling efficiency; Intelligent: automatic loading and unloading of drill pipes, reducing labor intensity; high mobility: all-terrain off-road chassis, suitable for complex road conditions; multi-tech drilling: Air DTH hammer, mud drilling and other construction techniques.

1. The power system provides energy for the entire drilling rig;

2. Working system, equipment working in accordance with technological requirements;

3. The transmission system is a device that transmits, transports and distributes energy for the working unit;

4. Control system, control all systems and equipment, and coordinate work accurately in accordance with process requirements;

5. Auxiliary system, auxiliary main system equipment.

Advantages Of Water Well Drilling Rig

Advantages Of Water Well Drilling Rig