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What are the working principles and operating procedures of gasoline rock drills?

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 What Are The Working Principles And Operating Procedures Of Gasoline Rock Drills?

Gasoline Rock Drills working principle:

The Gasoline Rock Drills works according to the principle of impact crushing. When working, the piston performs high-frequency reciprocating motion, constantly impacting the shank. Under the action of the impact force, the sharp wedge-shaped drill bit crushes the rock and digs it to a certain depth, forming a dent. After the piston retreats, the drill bit turns a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and when it hits the drill bit again, a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped rock block between the two dents is sheared by the horizontal component force generated on the drill bit. The piston continuously impacts the shank, and continuously inputs compressed air or pressurized water from the center hole of the shank to discharge the rock slag out of the hole, that is, a circular hole with a certain depth is formed.

Gasoline Rock Drills Operating procedures:

1. Before rock drilling, check the integrity and rotation of each component (including the rock drill, support or rock drilling rig), add necessary lubricating oil, check the air passage, whether the water passage is unblocked, and whether the connection joints are firm.
2. Knock and ask for the roof near the working face, that is, check whether there is live rock and turquoise on the roof and the second gang near the working face, and make necessary treatment.
3. The position of the blasthole with a flat working surface must be leveled in advance before rock drilling is allowed to prevent slippage or displacement of the blasthole.
4. It is strictly forbidden to play dry eyes. We must adhere to wet rock drilling. When operating, turn on the water first, then turn on the wind. When stopping drilling, turn off the wind first, and then turn off the water. When opening the eye, run at low speed first, and then drill at full speed after drilling to a certain depth.
5. The drill staff are not allowed to wear gloves when drilling holes.
6. When using the air leg to drill the hole, pay attention to the standing posture and position, and must not rely on the body to pressurize, let alone stand under the drill rod in front of the rock drill to prevent the broken drill from hurting people.
7. When abnormal sound is found in the Gasoline Rock Drills, when the powder discharge and water discharge are abnormal, the machine should be stopped for inspection, and the reason can be found out and eliminated before continuing to drill.
8. When exiting the rock drill or replacing the drill rod, the rock drill can run at a slow speed. Pay close attention to the position of the steel drill of the rock drill to prevent the drill rod from automatically falling off and hurting people, and close the gas circuit in time.
9. When using an air-leg rock drill, the top should be firmly held to prevent the top from slipping and hurting people.
10. When using the upward Gasoline Rock Drills to shrink the bracket, you must hold the drill rod to prevent the drill rod from automatically falling and hurting people.

What are the working principles and operating procedures of gasoline rock drills?