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China Coal Group And German Businessmen Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement

62 Date: 2024-03-28 Tag: China Coal News German Strategic Cooperation

With the rapid development of global economic integration, China Coal Group's cross-border e-commerce has risen rapidly and become an important way for the Group to expand the global market, and has made remarkable achievements in the international market, attracting businessmen from all over the world, competing to throw the olive branch of cooperation.On March 25th, German businessmen came to China Coal Group to discuss the cooperation matters and the meeting had a This meeting is of milestone significance for both parties to cooperate in the international market.

In order to let the German businessmen fully understand our group's development history, business philosophy, technical strength, product quality, etc., accompanied by Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transportation Group, etc., the German businessmen successively visited China Coal Group Intelligent manufacturing achievement showroom, intelligent equipment showroom, digital workshop of construction machinery and coal mining machinery workshop. Through the visit, the businessmen appreciated the achievements made by our group, had a deeper understanding of our group's comprehensive strength, and at the same time showed great interest in our group's advantages in the field of construction machinery, and said they were very optimistic about the prospects of cooperation between the two sides.

The reason why the German businessmen took the initiative to seek cooperation is that they are interested in the brand influence, product quality and technological advancement of our group in the international market, as well as the full range of products that our group can provide, such as excavators, loaders, spider cranes and so on. The visiting merchants affirmed and praised our group's long-term strict control and implementation with high standard and high quality, fast delivery cycle and excellent technical service ability.

Subsequently, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges on the cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, product design, market expansion and other aspects. Both sides agreed that the strategic cooperation will bring broader development space and more business opportunities for both sides. Finally, the two sides signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement and conducted in-depth and friendly consultations on further strengthening cooperation and promoting common development.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact and a leading enterprise in the national construction machinery industry, our group has always been upholding an open and inclusive attitude of cooperation, driven by innovation, and constantly improving the quality of products and services. And Germany, as a European economic powerhouse with its world-renowned technology and engineering strength, has always been an important target for our group in the international market. The visit of German businessmen fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength and technical level of China Coal Group. It is not only a cooperative exchange between our group and the German industry, but also a reflection of the friendly relationship between the two countries. The cooperation between the two sides will not only promote economic development, but also enhance the friendship between the two peoples and lay a solid foundation for the deepening of the relationship between the two countries.

The arrival of the German businessmen is a new starting point for the cooperation between the two sides, which will bring better prospects for the future. In the next step, China Coal Group will closely follow the international economic globalization situation and China's "One Belt, One Road" development strategy, grasp the opportunities of the times, expand the global market, and contribute more power to build a cross-border e-commerce industry chain and ecosystem, cultivate and grow the new impetus for the development of foreign trade, and accelerate the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce across the country!

China Coal Group And German Businessmen Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement