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Precautions For Maintenance Of Air Leg Rock Drill

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China Coal Group is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic rock drilling machinery. Compared with similar products, the air leg rock drill developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of large impact power, long life, convenient maintenance, and low consumption.

After long-term practice in mines and tunnels, the machine has fast speed, light weight, and noise
Many advantages such as small sound are favored by users, and are widely used in rock drilling operations in mines, tunnels, national defense, water conservancy and other projects. This model can be used with air legs or installed on trolleys without air legs. .

1. Before starting the machine, you must carefully check whether the connections of the threads and snap rings are reliable, and whether the operating handles are flexible and flexible.

2. Fill the lubricator with lubricating oil and adjust the amount of lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine. During the working process, it should be checked or oiled into the lubricator every one hour. No oil-free operation is strictly forbidden.

3. At the end of the machine's work, the water source should be cut off and then run lightly for a while, and the residual water droplets in the machine should be blown out to prevent the parts from rusting.

4. The frequently used machine should be overhauled at least once a week to remove the stolen goods in the machine, and pay attention to replacing damaged and invalid parts to eliminate hidden troubles.

5. If the used machine needs to be stored for a long time, it must be disassembled, cleaned, oiled and sealed, and placed in a cool and dry place.

6. When the air leg rock drill is used in coal mines, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair the whole machine and its accessories in the stope or in the occasions containing gas.

7. During the air leg rock drill, the operator should wear silencers to protect the eardrum.

Precautions For Maintenance Of Air Leg Rock Drill