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Composition Of The Water Well Drilling Rig

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Water Well Drilling Rig Lifting system

Composition: derrick, winch, swimming system, wire rope, crane, trolley, big hook;
Role: from the next drill, under the casing, control drill and drilling tools.

Water Well Drilling Rig Rotating System

Composition: turntable, square drill pipe, drill string faucet, top drive system, underground power drilling tools.
Role: Driving drilling tools, drill bits and other rotating broken rock, unloading drill thread deduction, special operations (connecting lifting and mud circulation system).

Water Well Drilling Rig Circulatory System

Composition: vibration sieve, desander, desilter
Function: Circulating the slurry

Water Well Drilling Rig Power System

Composition: reducer, clutch, shaft, chain and so on.
Role: The main task of the drive system is to transfer the energy of the engine and assigned to the work machine. Due to the characteristics of the engine and the characteristics of the work machine requirements of the gap, requiring the drive system must include deceleration, and car, reverse, variable speed and other institutions. Sometimes on the basis of mechanical transmission, but also have a hydraulic transmission or electric drive devices.

Water Well Drilling Rig Control System

Composition: computer, sensor, signal transmission medium, control actuator and so on.
Role: control the coordination of the system work. According to the requirements of the drilling process, so that each work machine operation when the rapid response, action accurate and reliable, easy to centralized control and automatic recording. So that the operator can according to their own wishes to ensure the safety of the various parts of the rig or normal work.

Water Well Drilling Rig Base

Composition: The base of the rig is mainly composed of the base of the drilling platform, the base of the auxiliary pump and the main auxiliary equipment base. The steel pipe is usually welded.
Role: easy to install a variety of fixed drilling rig equipment to meet the requirements of the relocation or the whole drag construction, deep drilling rig should also be conducive to the installation of wellhead spray prevention facilities and easy personnel operation and maintenance.

Water Well Drilling Rig Auxiliary equipment

Modern drilling rigs must also have a set of auxiliary equipment, such as power supply, gas supply, water supply, oil and other equipment, equipment storage, spray prevention fire prevention facilities, drilling fluid preparation, storage, processing facilities and a variety of instruments and automatic recording instruments. Remote drilling also have staff life, rest facilities, in order to communicate with the need to have a telephone, radio, walkie-talkie and other communications equipment. Drilling in the cold areas but also heating and other equipment

Composition Of The Water Well Drilling Rig